This page is dedicated to companies who provide Theatre-In-Education services to educational establishments. To include your company details on our site, please fill out the following form.   The completed profile on is free and does not incur any fees. To complete a profile, you must be a legitimate Theatre-In-Education service who provides any of the following:

  •  Performances in Schools
  •  Performances for ages 3-25
  •  Performances ‎with an educational purpose
  •  Workshops in Schools with an educational purpose
  •  Talks in Schools‎ with an educational purpose.

Simply fill in the form below with as much or as little detail as you wish to. In our experience, the more detail you give educators about your services and performances, the more likely they are to book you.

Contact Details We can add your contact details to your profile (phone number and online contact form), so that people can contact you directly through our website for your services and performances.‎

We set everything up for you, after you have completed this form.

When bookings do come your way through our site, we will charge a 5% referral fee (total booking amount excluding your travel expenses), should the booking become confirmed. This will be a trust agreement between both parties. NB. If you are a non-profit organisation or a charity, you will not be charged.

We receive a copy of the contact form but we would not contact the Teachers’ on your behalf except an automated response to inform them that the message has been passed on to you.   Further advantages of submitting your contact details are: – Opportunities to contribute to our blog once per calendar month. – Be included in our quarterly e-newsletter (sent to all UK schools.)   If you do not wish to add your contact details, you will still be added to the site.

If you do wish to be contacted but do not pay the 5% royalty on bookings through the site, we reserve the right to remove you from our database. Please note: repeat bookings from the same school will NOT incur a 5% charge and you will not be tied into any further agreement with us following the first visit. Please allow up to 21 days from completing this form to appear on our website.


Theatre In Education Company Submission

Please fill out the form below and we’ll add you to our directory as soon as possible.

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  • Please enter the website of your company (if you have one)
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  • Here you can talk in more detail about the products and services you provide and the company itself, your ethos, why it was set up and why you are a good educational provider. This will appear at the top of your profile
  • Please right which year that your company started delivering educational services to schools and educational institutions.
    Enhancing your profile means that educators can contact you directly through our site and that your telephone number will be visible. It also means that you can list your programmes in detail for educators to browse and contact you through our site. we will also include you in our brochure directory which will be made available to all UK schools. There is no upfront cost, but if schools do book then we charge a 5% referral fee (of the booking total), less your travel expenses.